Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Class and character. I am telling you, Minneapolis has it all. Every nook and cranny of coffee shops are decorated with unique touches. The inspiration is carrying over to apartment decorating. I can't wait to share the before and after photos of our apartment. It has come a long ways!

2. It has been a long while since Jacob and I had an old-fashioned date night. Our summer has been non-stop, which we love, but I decided to surprise Jake after work with dinner and a date just the two of us. We went out to eat in St. Paul and walked along the river. This weekend's weather was the best!

3. So here's a funny story. We went to the Minnesota State Fair this weekend and had a great time walking around, seeing the different buildings and petting cute animals. We had good intentions of trying everything on a stick, as the fair is known for, but then left without eating a single thing. I'd say we were in the minority. We decided our money would go a lot further somewhere else and went out to happy hour at a local cafe. Needless to say, we failed at the fair.

4. How could I pass up this hilarious hat at the fair? It was either this or a pickle hat. Pigs are way cuter so I went with this one. I love being bald!

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