A Look Inside My Jo Tote

Friends, after months and months of searching, I have finally landed the perfect versatile purse and camera bag. Jo Tote. For as long as I have owned my Canon Rebel t3i, I have wanted a fashionable way to carry it around for everyday use. At times there were doubts of whether I could find exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn't be happier with my recently purchased

I previously had a messenger bag that I loved. It was super easy to bike with and versatile for anywhere I was going. Although I knew it wasn't the safest for my DSLR, I would throw it in there all the time along with my wallet, planner, pens, keys, phone, lunch and lipstick. If you're like me, everything goes into the purse, because who knows if you will need it or not.

When my messenger bag broke, I made the decision it was time to find better protection for my camera while keeping style and functionality at the forefront of my search. On my must have list was something that could fit my Chromebook, camera and planner for coffee shop blogging sessions, but also work as an everyday purse to carry to work. It had to have both an over-the-shoulder and crossbody option to allow for running errands or biking around town. And of course, I wanted it to be stylish like a purse instead of clunky like a lot of camera bags are.

Right in the middle of my search, Amy posted an Instagram photo of her Jo Tote. After perusing their website and coming back to it over and over again, I decided to get the Missy Bag in chocolate. It was everything I was hoping for and fit the bill for my necessities. And as if it wasn't a small enough world, Meg got the exact same bag as I did. That's how you know it is a great one.

During the workday I carry my planner, wallet, phone, lunch, keys and sometimes even a change of shoes. I am the queen of packing way too much so the Missy Bag is perfect for me to fit everything I may need. After work, I quickly switch my bag over to leisurely use. I take my camera with me almost everywhere I go and can easily add anything else I may need depending on the adventure. I love my Missy Jo Tote!

P.S. This is an not a sponsored post. Jo Totes only knows me as a happy and satisfied customer. I just couldn't help but share my love for the new bag in my life!

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