Apartment Therapy Complete + Happy Home

 Jacob and I have been in our apartment for just over two months. It is crazy to think how fast this summer went with moving states, starting new jobs and adjusting to a different normal. Finding our apartment was such a fluke, but we love, love, love it!

The first apartment we had after getting married was a combination of all sorts of styles. With dorm room decorations, hand-me-down furniture from our families and newly gifted wedding registry items, there was no consistency. Although we made it feel like home, we decided to save up money and coordinate our home decorating style more for our new apartment. I cannot wait to share with you the result in a few weeks!

In the meantime, I snatched up Apartment Therapy to inspire great ideas in small spaces. I have a hard time visualizing how pieces of furniture, patterns and wall colors all come together to create a certain home decor style. I know we like cool colors, I know we like pieces with character, and I know we are on a budget. With all that in mind, I went to town marking and highlighting room setups and styles that attracted us throughout this book.

Apartment Therapy is packed full of gorgeous kitchens, living rooms, work spaces and bedrooms that I adore. The bummer about this book, however, is that the ideas are not super practical to apartment living. I hoped that it would provide insight on how maximize space and decorate apartments that cannot be completely renovated. Instead it seemed like every inch of this book was packed with incredible ideas that would need massive renovations to execute. Nonetheless it was an enjoyable read with beautiful photos. Hang tight and be on the lookout for our very own apartment reveal in just a few weeks!

What is your home decorating style?
I received this book through Blogging for Books. All thoughts, photos and reviews are my own.

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