Best Friend Style

This past weekend was simply the best. Not only was it a much needed four day weekend for us, but our best friend Ali visited Minnesota from Colorado! Going to college out of state is hard, because now all our friends are scattered across the country after graduation. That being said, it provides an excellent excuse for traveling and visiting friends over long weekends.

We loved having Ali in town and tried our very hardest to convince her Minnesota is the best place to live. You can expect many more photos and details of our adventures on the blog and on Instagram in the coming days, but for now we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a bit of our personal styles with you.

Ali has an eclectic, natural style. She is a world traveler and her style reflects a variety of unique characteristics. She is always put together whether it is at work, out on the town or running errands. Ali is a bit more daring than I am when it comes to color, but we both fall hard for neutrals. Ali is also the queen of online shopping and can track down just about anything she has a fancy for on Pinterest (like those killer shoes).

I feel as though my style is getting simpler as I get older. Cute tank tops and cardigans are my go to with jeans, skirts or shorts. It just can't get much easier than that when I look in my closet. Just recently I have branched out and started wearing some higher shoes. Being a tall girl always detracted me from anything other than flats. I would say these Toms wedges are a good in between.

In my personal opinion, the best part of Ali's wardrobe is that it fits me! In college we shared clothes with each other on a weekly basis. It was fun to mix our styles and have double the options. To this day we are notorious for shipping clothes back and forth to each other or trading hand-me-downs. We even have a shared Pinterest board after realizing I repinned everything Ali pinned and Ali repinned everything I pinned. Oh the joys of friends!

Do you and your friends dress alike?
How would you describe your style?

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