The Guys Behind the Blog | September Edition

Welcome to September's edition of The Guys Behind the Blog. Over the past few months, you have fallen for my husband's wittiness and keep coming back for more! I love that he be front and center on the blog each month. This time is extra special, because all of the questions are reader submitted, meaning we are asking what YOU want to know. You sent us a mix of funny, serious and rock solid questions that we will be debuting every three months or so. Thanks for being here and without further ado, I'll turn it over to Jacob.

1. What's the silliest thing you and your significant other have needed to compromise on?
For whatever reason I am just that big into cuddling on Saturday mornings. If it is a Sunday, then I am all for it, but I just don't love it on Saturdays. Unfortunately that is Laura's favorite time to cuddle, so we have had to sort of alternate weekends of when we can and cannot cuddle. That is kind of silly I guess.

2. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 must haves would you bring with?
First, a never ending Culligan water cooler. Second, at least three dogs that would never die #teamgillelandsgetadog. Third, a laptop that could only access Netflix.

3. Talents aside, what is your dream job?
I have always told Laura that if I could make enough money working at a state or county park teaching people how to canoe, I would drop everything and do it. So basically I would choose something along the lines of a state park employee who works in nature teaching people to enjoy the great outdoors.

4. What are three items on your bucket list?
For all those on my team, you know the first by far is to get a dog #teamgillelandsgetadog. I would also like to camp in every national park in America and sleep over night in my hammock in every state.

5. What kind of date is your favorite to go on with your significant other? (Romantic, fun, spontaneous, etc.)
If you know me well, you know that I am not big into surprises, so you can cross that off the list. I do however really like spontaneous dates. If we come home from work one night and all of a sudden decide to go on a walk by the lake and eat some grub, I am all for that. Just don't surprise me with that, if that makes sense.

Link-Up Details
This month's link-up will be open through Friday, October 2nd. Leave your link and be sure to visit some other posts to get to know their guys. We love when you make new friends through this link-up and encourage one another! Our next edition of The Guys Behind the Blog will go live on Thursday, October 29th. Enjoy the fall related questions below.

October's Questions
1. Fall means cooler temps for most of us - are you a warm weather or cold weather kind of guy?
2. What's the best Halloween costume you have ever worn?
3. What's your favorite Halloween candy?
4. What are your favorite parts of fall (ex: football, the weather, Thanksgiving, etc)?
5. How do you feel about pumpkin spice lattes?

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