Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Brunch is my all time favorite meal. We tried out a new waffle place in town and let me tell you, it is enough of a reason to hop on a plane and visit Minnesota right now! I got the naughty waffle which had almond butter, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, granola and whipped cream all on top of a delicious waffle. I still have dreams about it.

2. I see the Lord most clearly through nature where I cannot help but stand in awe of his perfection. To think that He created everything with such meticulous detail is beyond me. I could stare at this flower for hours.

3. Hello Autumn weather! Minnesota is in full swing with the change of seasons and so is my wardrobe. I am kind of, sort of dreading fall this year because this summer seemed to be so short. Once the leaves start to change, I am sure I will have a change of heart.

4. Gasp, a sneak peak look into our apartment. This weekend we made no official plans and it was a great decision. It was good for us to simply go with the flow and do what we wanted to when we wanted to. We enjoyed a rooftop pub with friends, went on several walks and cracked our windows open. Heavenly! 

Best Friend Style
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Has Autumn hit your area yet?
What was a highlight of your week?