All the Autumn Layers

Outfit Details: Old Navy Puffer Vest | H&M Women's Flannel | H&M Blue Jeans | Old Navy Ankle Boots

Layers upon layers upon layers is a fall staple for dressing appropriately in Minnesota. As beautiful as this season is in the Midwest, I often joke that it is simply mental preparation for the below zero temps that are to come with winter. Lately, the mornings have been extra chilly while the afternoons shoot up to mid sixties and seventies. How's a girl supposed to dress accordingly? You guessed it - layers.

My puffer vests go nearly everywhere with me. Heading to the grocery store? Throw on a puffer vest! Going for a morning walk? Grab my puffer vest on the way out the door! Cheering on the local soccer games? Don't forget my puffer vest! My puffer vests and I are best friends as the seasons transition.

I own a super lightweight windbreaker and a heavy winter coat. To fill the void, I rely on my vests. They keep the perfect amount of warmth locked in while not being too cumbersome to shed a layer if needed. I was also on the hunt for a cozy flannel. I often wear my husbands flannels around the house, but wanted one that actually fit me well. This one is distinctly female cut and oh so cozy! And because everyone has a pair these days, why not throw on some cute ankle boots with rolled up jeans?