How to Freshen Up Used Furniture

It's about time I share photos of our new apartment with you. The whole settling in process has been a long time coming and I am so excited our home is coming together. One decision we made when we moved from Iowa to Minnesota was to sell or donate most of the furniture we had and start new in the Twin Cities. The majority of the furniture we started out with was from thrift stores and got us by for a time, but was not worth the effort or expense to move up north.

Because comfortable, quality and stylish furniture comes at a price, we opted for a gently used couch, love seat and ottoman set for our new place. The previous owner only used it for six months before realizing it was not a good match for their white, shedding dog. Lucky for us we scooped it up for a great deal and reaped the benefits of like-new furniture.

Even though our pieces were very lightly used, we still freshened them up to feel right at home in our space. If you are in the market for new-to-you furniture, take our advice and spruce up your finds with these helpful tips. Your furniture will feel new and like yours in no time!

Vacuum & Spot Clean
When we first brought our furniture home, we vacuumed every inch of it to get the dog hair out and clean it all. There were a few stains from a marker on the ottoman that we spot cleaned with a rag and soap. If you buy furniture that comes with a lingering odor or excessive stains, I highly suggest getting it professionally cleaned. Maybe it is just me, but clean furniture gives me peace of mind even if it was previously owned.

Patchwork & Cutting Loose Threads
The reason why we got such a fantastic deal on this furniture is because of the shedding dog and a few bite marks on the arms. We trimmed the loose threads and tidied up the edges to make it look brand new. With a bit of patchwork and attention to detail, the trace of a dog disappeared! On a similar note, those pesky tags that tell you it is illegal to remove unless you are the owner, go ahead and ditch those.

Add Accents & Decor
Our couch and love seat are a shade of neutral gray. As we decorated our main living space, we decided to spruce them up with fresh pillows, blankets, bright frames, plants and a wood tray to make the furniture pop. Don't mind the empty gallery wall frames, those are still to come! Our living room was completely transformed with a small investment in new pillows from Target. I love that these can easily be changed with the season or style trends. Neutral furniture can fit right in to many places with the right accents and decor to help it shine!

How do you spruce up used furniture? What tips and tricks do you have for transforming your living space from mundane and boring to eclectic and personal?

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