The ValleySCARE Experience

Halloween is right around the corner and soon enough kids in all sorts of costumes will be out trick-or-treating. This past weekend we celebrated Halloween at the local amusement park, Valley Fair. Each fall they transform the whole park into Halloween themed rides and attractions. Scary things are not my favorite, but we could not pass up the opportunity to try something new.

Kippen, Jake and I got to ValleySCARE a bit before dusk and roamed around the park comfortably before everything scary came out. We happened to be on a roller coaster when music descended upon the park and the spooky characters took their places. We made a pact to try some of the scary attractions even though Kippen and I are super prone to high pitched screaming. As we went through the different mazes and houses, Kippen and I clung to each other while Jake danced through nonchalantly. I am sure it gave the workers a good laugh.

We loved that the park was a healthy balance of fun rides and attractions with Halloween charm. There were even a bunch of kids enjoying family-friendly attractions. Valley Fair is a great place to visit each summer, but now we have a reason to go back in the Fall too! It even gave me a few outfit ideas for Halloween parties this year.

Tonight we are going on a scary adventure. Here's to celebrating autumn, lots of screaming, rides and friends #VFHaunt #ValleySCARE
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You know what the beautiful sunset means - the monsters and scary things are coming out! Ah! #ValleySCARE #VFHaunt
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Because you don't want a photo of my terrified face after every spooky ride, say hello to my little skeleton friend. Every little nook and cranny is decorated with something scary! #ValleySCARE #VFHaunt P.S. Follow me on snapchat for more at acctolaurajean 👻
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And one last photo to capture our awesome night at Valleyscare. Kippen and I screamed and held each other close while Jake led the group and danced through all the scary parts. Typical! These two pals along with a haunted amusement park make for a spooktacular time #VFHaunt #ValleySCARE 👻
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What fall attractions are in your area?
Thank you to ValleySCARE for providing tickets for us to enjoy fall - all opinions are my own.