Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Jake and I have gone on many Autumn walks this week and soaked up the cooler temperatures. The leaves are just starting to change and truth be told, I like when they change slowly instead of disappearing all at once. These were a few especially beautiful ones we collected.

2. My sister Leah was in town for an extended weekend and came to visit me at work! We ate lunch together, reminisced about our childhood and enjoyed each other's company among a really busy fall season for the both of us. Sisterhood is such a gift.

3. We are putting the finishing touches on the kitchen and living room of our apartment. I hope to share it with you soon! I am somewhat of a perfectionist, so naturally I want it to be all put together before I do a big reveal. In the meantime, we found a clever way to hang plants without screwing through the ceiling. Win!

4. I love taking photos, but have made a commitment to do more with the photos than simply keep them on my memory card. Artifact Uprising is an awesome company that focuses on printing photos that mean something. It is a joy to have these scattered throughout our home to remember everyday moments caught on camera.

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