Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. I am still reliving our Labor Day weekend with Ali and editing all the photos. Colorado friends are the best of friends. Their style is impeccable and zest for adventure is contagious. I love how this photo captures Ali's personality.

2. It's chicken noodle soup weather and I am so delighted. For some reason I never tried making homemade chicken noodle soup till recently. It is super easy and I am all about the crock pot recipes. I found the recipe on Pinterest and it is a must try in my opinion.

3. Our bedroom is a sanctuary for me. I think rest is such a beautiful yet tricky thing. It is a constant balance I am trying to figure out, but having a pretty bedroom with a hint of our wedding decorations makes for a peaceful place.

4. Maybe you have noticed things have been a little slow around here, let me fill you in. My current job has very hectic seasons and I am in the thick of one currently. I absolutely love investing the time and effort into my job, but it has resulted in some pretty late nights and early mornings (like the one pictured here). I am working on creating the right balance between work life, blog life and personal life. More to come on that, but for now thank you for your grace!

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