Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. My friend Katie and I go on early morning walks every Tuesday. With daylight savings, it has been super dark when we start, but we get the benefit of watching the sun slowly rise over the city. It feels great to get up and active before the work day starts.

2. My new motto is that life is better lived in hammocks. We took our hammocks out for what will likely be our last adventure before winter strikes. I try not to mourn the end of summer and fall, but it is hard not to when we will have to wait so long for our next warm weather adventures.

3. The Midwest is known for rolling hills, beautiful wide open spaces and incredible skies. This weekend we had a family gathering in Wisconsin. Even though I don't miss the corn fields of Iowa, it was good to be out in the country to experience the unhindered beauty.

4. The last of the leaves are changing here in Minnesota. We had one of the most beautiful Autumns I can remember and I will cherish it through photos for a long time.

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